Are you worried about me?


Each day that passes without us doing anything for a child that we worry about or are concerned about, could be one day too many.

All parents care about their children and grown-ups also care about other people’s children.

Sometimes we see that children do not get the care we think they should have. And sometimes we feel that we are not able to manage our own children in the
way we really want to.

In the case of worry or concern for a child’s well-being and development some decisions should be taken:

  • How can we best support the child?
  • Who is able to give the child the best support?

In the family centre you can have a non-committal talk with a professional person who has knowledge of the things to which you want professional assistance.

The family centres give pieces of advice about child-raising and interaction in the family. All parents can make direct contact with the family centres in the municipality.

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