For refugees from Ukraine


Information for and about refugees from Ukraine on protection and residence in Norway.

Applying for collective protection as a Ukrainian national

Below you will find information to Ukrainian nationals arriving in Norway about how to register with the police in order to apply for collective protection.

Healthcare for refugees

As an asylum seeker or refugee in Norway, you have the right to get help if your are sick, struggle with mental issues, have an addiction problem or are in need of dental care.

Click the link below to find local information about doctor's consultation, acute illness or injury and prices. 

Application for a place in primary and lower secondary school

Children under 16 have a right and an obligation to receive primary and lower secondary education in the municipality where the child lives. This is also the case for children who are asylum seekers/refugees. In Larvik we have introductory classes at several different schools. The application form is in Norwegian.

Upper secondary school

We cooperate with Thor Heyerdahl videregående skole (an upper secondary school) about education for newly arrived refugees between 16 and 24 years of age.

Please contact Ragnhild Keshavarzy on telephone 98 23 12 71 or email

Learning Norwegian for adults

Larvik Læringssenter avdeling Norskskolen (i.e. Larvik Learning Centre, Department of Norwegian Training) has Norwegian courses for beginners.

Please contact Ragnhild Keshavarzy on telephone 98 23 12 71 or email

Apply for a place in the kindergarten – children in asylum centres/emergency accommodation

Children in asylum centres/emergency accommodation shall, from they are two years old till they start primary school, have an adapted programme for free core time up to 20 hours per week. The application form is in Norwegian.

For the time being, Larvik Municipality is awaiting further programme to assess the need for the service.

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